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• Translation and Layout

Inpix offers an extremely differentiated service with regard to translations, recreating your material with the translated version, converting image files where the texts were in another language, remaking vector arts and adding even more value to your materials.


We seek the most appropriate language for the industry to which your material is intended, whether national or international, seeking that technical, promotional or corporate text effectively translates what it is about, with the terminology used in its respective market.

Our main focus is English-Portuguese translations and we have a team specialized in the construction, agricultural and aerial work platform/telecopic manipulators segment (lifting materials and people).
We are also seasoned in the use of pre-determined layouts for the translated text, whether adapting an existing material that only needs to be adapted to the local language, or creating a brand new layout aimed at a certain audience.

Count on us for the version of the materials you receive from your headquarters or if your goal is to sell abroad! We prepare the best material, with the proper idiomatic usage, in the layout your corporate identity manual dictates (if any), with speed and high quality.

• Design of Promotional Materials

We create, colorize, distort, stretch, animate, invent…  
We develop the concept, elaborate the arts and select the best suppliers for each type of product, whether printed, banners, t-shirts, point of sale materials, vehicle adhesives, promotional bags, personalized gifts, etc.

We work with your company to achieve your goals through a participatory interaction with your team members, bringing viable alternatives for your needs, always seeking to optimize your budget for each situation.
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You know that mega impactful look? Yes, here you can count on us to develop the perfect design, whether for a company, a product, a service, a material, or for yourself as your own brand.

Not forgetting that behind this mega visual, there is a lot of market and public research work, alignment of expectations, definition of identity and then thinking about the creation of the visual and content.

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